May. 10th, 2009

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So um, I'm having a hard time with this "finding a job" thing. At this point, I'm 55% sure I'll go back home to America, but that's mainly because I can't think of anything else to do. One of the interesting things about applying to JET right out of college is that I don't have much life experience. I know how to find a summer job, but a real job? What, do you look in the classifieds section of the newspaper? Somehow, seems like it would be too easy...

I kinda wonder how all my friends found jobs. Is there like, some magic book you consult? Ask a friend of a friend for something? Seems like that would have worked in better economic times, but these days I figure I'd be hard pressed. For some reason, I think I would kinda enjoy being a secretary. I wanna test my organizational limits and see how much planning I could do before I crack. Or working at a library. That would be a fun venture, organizing books and things.

But what if I stay in Japan? I know people use GaijinPot and OhayoSensei, but they haven't been helpful lately, so I wonder if there's something else? What if I don't want to do ESL teaching? Le gasp, yes, there are foreigners out there who don't want to teach!

I feel like I wanna put a billion options on the table and choose the best one. I jumped at the chance to join JET, and while I don't regret coming back here, I do wish I'd spent a bit more time making contacts back home that I could use now.

So says the worrywart. It doesn't help that I haven't updated my CV since 2004... @__@

Also, today I subsisted until 6pm on a poptart. And half of one at that. This is not unusual for me on the weekends. I'm surprised I'm not dead. I think the only reason I've lost weight in Japan is because my body is eating itself since I don't feed it. Maybe that's why my arms are more flabby? I'd gladly put on weight for more muscle...


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