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Yeah, I've had it happen. Usually it's because we don't talk anymore, or because they friended me and I never added them back. I don't think I've ever had an LJ friend with whom I'm in constant contact unfriend me. If that happened, I'd probably send them a PM to ask about it if it was rather sudden.

As for me, I defriend folks who I haven't spoken to, or else I never add people who randomly friend me. I've got a few unlocked posts, so I like it if people at least leave a message and say "Hey, I've friended you, is that cool?" In the past, my journal was unlocked, but I had some crazy drama that was so absolutely pointless that I just locked everything.

I've also defriended people because I wasn't interested in their journal anymore. I strive to be more than just a fandom friend, because I change fandoms every other second (or I leave fandom completely from time to time), and chances are we won't be in the same fandom for more than six months. Thus, all the friends I have are interesting outside of fandom as well. or people I've met in real life. Unless we were really close or spoke often, I don't feel like I owe people an explanation for why I unfriend them. Either I lost interest or we never spoke to each other. Isn't that the same thing that happens with real life relationships? You stop talking to a person and they fade into the background of a past friend.
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