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Going to Thailand, BRB.

But dudes, the World Baseball Classic? America is playing Japan on the 22nd. I've been praying for this situation for weeks and now I'll be in Thailand when it happens. The Fates, they do not like me... :(

Pray I have a safe trip!
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So what do you do when you realize that you were the bitch in the relationship, not him? Conundrum!
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Okay, I just have to ask this, because it's been bothering me for quite some time. To all the Hetalia manga/anime fans, why do you like it? I tried out the first two episodes of the anime and the first few strips of the comic, but I just don't get the appeal. I see so many people into it; hell, one of my students passed her Geography exam because she memorized all the countries! I used to look down on it because I thought it was a serious show about the Axis Powers, but upon learning that it's a comedy, I thought I'd give it a chance. Is there something about it that draws people in? I mean, stereotyping can be hilarious if done right, but Italy calling out "Pasta" in a near-orgasmic voice while America is arguing for an environment-cleaning robot just doesn't grab me. @__@

Outside of that, I feel a little disconnected from my online friends. I literally go through my day three pages of flist every morning in less than two minutes, so while I have skimmed everyone's posts, I have no time to comment on them. Feels kinda lonely, but the end of the semester grabs all of my time! ;__;
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Merry Christmas everyone! It's nearly 1pm, no presents have been opened (mainly because there are no presents to open), and it kinda feels like a normal day. But none of that matters, because in two hours, we're heading over to my godmother's house. My godmother who has been up all night cooking. My godmother who believes that everything should be home-made.

I'm gonna die in food Heaven, and I ain't gonna feel bad about it. God said that gluttony is a sin, but I only get to enjoy a feast like this once a year, and He'd better believe that I'ma eat my friggin' face off!


Nov. 9th, 2008 07:37 am
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skhdnfsiybfnepbg pdifn beinvdiyfnv pergfss f Giants FUCKIN' lost to the FUCKIN' Seibu Lions. Damn blue and white BASTARDS!

Damn, now that the baseball season is over, what am I gonna watch on TV?
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Quick question for you frequent flyers: Is it better to buy now or wait? I'm going home for Christmas, but Dad thinks there might be better deals closer to the holidays, when airlines are trying to get rid of tickets. Add in the recent economic crisis, and he thinks that airlines will be begging people to fly. So should I wait? The lowest price I've found so far (Dec. 19 - Jan. 3 flying from Nagoya [NGO] to Atlanta [ATL] at any time, any class) is about $1500 on Northwest. Even though I hate Northwest with a burning passion, I can't argue with that price.

So, Frequent Flyers, buy now or wait?
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After being off work for five days, I seriously don't want to go back in. But I rolled out of bed and told myself, "This is an adult's life." As a kid, you always wanna grow up and be an adult, but now that I am one (mostly), I don't think I like it very much...

Oh well. Here's to only having two classes today. Looks like I'll be in the library most of the day. Better head out and get to it...
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Finally well-rested! Maybe that's because I fell asleep at 7pm yesterday and woke up at 7am this morning. There were a couple of wake-ups in between, but I just went back to sleep. ^^

Unfortunately, I decided to have a cup of nomu-yogurt (drinkable yogurt) this morning, and now my tummy doesn't love me. Damn lactose-intolerance! How is it possible to become MORE intolerant as you get older? I used to be able to handle a full glass of milk in the morning; these days, I'm lucky to get half a glass. And let's not talk about what a gamble ice cream is. ;__; SADNESS!
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My absentee ballot arrived yesterday. Damn, now I actually have to start really thinking about this thing, rather than just making fun of people. Crap, I guess I'll spend the next week at work going over each candidate's issues. Wasn't it just August yesterday?
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I really, really need to be asleep. I haven't felt this exhausted in a long time. I think my full class load today (WTF teachers, don't sign up for me the DAY OF CLASS!) plus all of my traveling has finally caught up with me. Sorry if I promised anyone anything; I'll get on it tomorrow. For now, I'm heading to bed at 7:30pm. I know, I'm such a lame, but tomorrow is the "bad" school, so I really need the rest.
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Professor Layton ANIME!!!

So there's a live-action AND an anime! WIN! So Phoenix Wright gets Takarazuka and Layton gets an anime. Here's hoping it ain't shota. What great news as I rush off to work!
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Tired. Even though I went to bed at a good hour...

First teaching day today. Jesus save me.


Aug. 30th, 2008 06:15 am
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I went out with [ profile] kastra today to look for used, cheap goods for my apartment. I found a nice DVD player in a recycle shop, and I bought it with the idea that I could find the hack code and unlock it to make it multi-region. Well there isn't a code, least not one I can find. And I don't have a Tsutaya or a Geo near me, so no Japanese rental DVDs for me. I have a useless DVD player.

Anyone know how to hack a Sony DVP-NS53P Japanese DVD player? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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In case you haven't read the latest on my Japan journal [ profile] bri_j, the thunderstorm that happened here was MUCH bigger than I thought. There is massive flooding to the inner part of the city, disaster relief troops are here, one woman's dead, another missing. It's not too bad where I am, but there is an evacuation order for the inner city going on. This video will give you a bird's eye view.
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I am pretty damn sure I am scaring all the neighbors, especially since Japanese walls are paper thin, but I don't give a damn. I didn't get to watch the 2000 or the 2004 Olympics, but this year, I'm off of work and they are on TV. Most excellent timing since I saw them live in Atlanta.

I'm gonna cheer for my team, loud and clear, and I'm gonna scream when I'm on edge about a race or competition. I've got all the pride in the world, and a ton of reasons to be proud. Go team! Represent us well!

Hey, is there a website to rewatch the good races? I think I might miss the men's track and field...


Aug. 7th, 2008 06:51 pm
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Did a Tina L. from California send something to my house? I got another package from someone else too. If you're sending me something (or perhaps sending something to my college address), please let me know?

All right, off to a Board of Education meeting! Fun times????

Friends cut

Aug. 5th, 2008 06:18 am
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Doing a friends cut. It's mostly of communities I'm no longer following and of people who haven't posted or talked to me in in a long while. Since I'm currently obligated to go into work early and stay late, I don't have enough free time anymore, hence this cut.

If you feel you were cut unfairly, pop me a message. I might have made a mistake. And if you have recently joined my journal but I haven't added you, it's probably because I don't know why you joined. I don't scan or translate manga often enough to warrant a friendship, so if you're here for that, you'll be very disappointed. But if you joined because you want to see a crazy American flounder hopelessly in a sea of tiny Japanese, feel free. ♥ Just let me know why you added me and I'll gladly add you back.
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It seems that I have to remind myself not to develop crushes on men whilst drunk, because when the morning inevitably comes, I can't figure out why I liked the guy in the first place. Oh alcohol, the evil things you do to me...

Tokyo Orientation was overall a very dry and boring event. I missed the only two presentations I was interested in (Team-Teaching and Creative Use of Classroom Materials) because my foot decided it didn't like life and wanted to detach itself by way of pain. Not too fun. Unfortunately, the big foreign boss-lady in my town caught me skipping out and didn't seem too happy about it. Hope that doesn't come back to bite me in the ass!

Tomorrow I head out to my prefecture via bullet train, and I'll probably meet my supervisor and do all of that "I'm a new foreigner, teehee!" stuff. UFJ apparently closed down the bank account I had previously, so I have to go through that process all over again. Damn.

On the good side of things, the new JETs from my prefecture had a karaoke night out, wherein we sang badly and got drunk. They seem like a really good group of people, and it looks like I'll have a good support system should I need it. Next weekend is supposed to be party weekend, and I surely do plan to live it up!

All right, off to bed with me. Gotta be up bright and early to head out, and I want to look like I'm partially awake when I meet my new boss. ^^;;
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Goodbye party was awesome, and it was so wonderful that I forgot I was saying goodbye to everyone. All my aunts and uncles (the ones I like, at least) came out, and so did my cousins and childhood friends. When you've grown up with people, it feels really good to just sit back and talk about the past, the present, and the future. We are all about the same age, so it was great to just be in each other's company.

I really am gonna miss everyone, but sometimes I forget that technology can bring us closer. This time around, I'm gonna try to be better at posting blog updates, using my new webcam for video chats, and leaving my Yahoo/Skype phone number so people can call me. I'm also going to try to do some video posts so people don't forget my face. I think the culture shock U-curve should be a lot smoother this time around.

Still have a ton of things to do before I leave, but it's mostly shopping for work clothes and cleaning. Today my play-sister freaked out because I told her I couldn't feel my middle right toe; turns out I might be tightening my boot a bit too much. It's a delicate balance because I need it tight so it won't shift too much on my foot, but too tight cuts off my blood circulation. Since she's a nurse-person, she fussed at me about getting a blood clot on the plane, and told me to be sure to walk around every hour, especially since I have the boot. I'm thinking I might take it off for the plane, since it's cumbersome and not good for sedentary folks. I can walk without it, just slowly, and with a cane. Plus, the doctor says the more I keep it on, the quicker it'll come off. So I try to stick with that. Delicate balance indeed.

Overall, I'm quite satisfied. Some people didn't turn up, but I know folks have busy schedules and things. I'm gonna try to see as many folks as I can before Friday, since that's Pre-Departure Orientation, and I'll be spending all the time after that with my family. Tomorrow's Monday, so that gives me four full days before things start wrapping up on Friday!
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Inevitably, when you're about to make a big change in your life, things come down to "the lasts." I think, as humans, we need to be able to pick out a turning point in our lives, else our inspiration for doing anything slowly wanes. This morning, I realized that today is my last Sunday in America. My Sunday mornings are always the same: I wake up sometime after nine, turn on the radio and listen to the Quiet Music radio program, lounge around until it's over at 11am, listen to the Gospel show until it's over at 12pm, and then check my e-mail. I have a no yaoi before 12pm rule on Sundays so I can get my church in, and because of this, I've come up with a rhythm for Sunday mornings.

A part of me felt very sad that I will no longer be able to do this, at least not in the same way. In my house and in my dorm, my window is always on the right side of the room, and I sleep on my right side, so the sun pours in while I relax the morning away with soothing music. It's what calms me and gives me the strength to go on for another week. Somehow, I'll have to create another routine in Japan to do the same.

Thinking of that, and realizing this will be a week of "lasts," I sometimes have to fight back tears. This house I'm living in...I've lived here for my whole life, all 21 years, but there is a distinct possibility that it won't be here next time I come back to America. I certainly don't expect that I'll ever live here again. My dog is getting old, and I'm hoping she won't forget me while I'm gone. There's the life I have here, the friends I have here...I have to pack up and say goodbye to all of that. It's not the fact that I'm leaving that gets to me, it's the fact that I have to say goodbye. Once I'm on that plane and settled down, once I'm in my new apartment, in my new school, I'm fine, but saying goodbye is the most difficult part of leaving.

That said, today is my goodbye party! I have a number of things to take care of this week, and my flight leaves at 9:10am on Saturday, so this is the best day for a gathering. I'm expecting a lot of family and friends to come out, so it looks like I can get all my goodbyes and tears out of the way at one time. Good for me? ^^;;


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