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Goodbye party was awesome, and it was so wonderful that I forgot I was saying goodbye to everyone. All my aunts and uncles (the ones I like, at least) came out, and so did my cousins and childhood friends. When you've grown up with people, it feels really good to just sit back and talk about the past, the present, and the future. We are all about the same age, so it was great to just be in each other's company.

I really am gonna miss everyone, but sometimes I forget that technology can bring us closer. This time around, I'm gonna try to be better at posting blog updates, using my new webcam for video chats, and leaving my Yahoo/Skype phone number so people can call me. I'm also going to try to do some video posts so people don't forget my face. I think the culture shock U-curve should be a lot smoother this time around.

Still have a ton of things to do before I leave, but it's mostly shopping for work clothes and cleaning. Today my play-sister freaked out because I told her I couldn't feel my middle right toe; turns out I might be tightening my boot a bit too much. It's a delicate balance because I need it tight so it won't shift too much on my foot, but too tight cuts off my blood circulation. Since she's a nurse-person, she fussed at me about getting a blood clot on the plane, and told me to be sure to walk around every hour, especially since I have the boot. I'm thinking I might take it off for the plane, since it's cumbersome and not good for sedentary folks. I can walk without it, just slowly, and with a cane. Plus, the doctor says the more I keep it on, the quicker it'll come off. So I try to stick with that. Delicate balance indeed.

Overall, I'm quite satisfied. Some people didn't turn up, but I know folks have busy schedules and things. I'm gonna try to see as many folks as I can before Friday, since that's Pre-Departure Orientation, and I'll be spending all the time after that with my family. Tomorrow's Monday, so that gives me four full days before things start wrapping up on Friday!


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