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It seems that I have to remind myself not to develop crushes on men whilst drunk, because when the morning inevitably comes, I can't figure out why I liked the guy in the first place. Oh alcohol, the evil things you do to me...

Tokyo Orientation was overall a very dry and boring event. I missed the only two presentations I was interested in (Team-Teaching and Creative Use of Classroom Materials) because my foot decided it didn't like life and wanted to detach itself by way of pain. Not too fun. Unfortunately, the big foreign boss-lady in my town caught me skipping out and didn't seem too happy about it. Hope that doesn't come back to bite me in the ass!

Tomorrow I head out to my prefecture via bullet train, and I'll probably meet my supervisor and do all of that "I'm a new foreigner, teehee!" stuff. UFJ apparently closed down the bank account I had previously, so I have to go through that process all over again. Damn.

On the good side of things, the new JETs from my prefecture had a karaoke night out, wherein we sang badly and got drunk. They seem like a really good group of people, and it looks like I'll have a good support system should I need it. Next weekend is supposed to be party weekend, and I surely do plan to live it up!

All right, off to bed with me. Gotta be up bright and early to head out, and I want to look like I'm partially awake when I meet my new boss. ^^;;
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Goodbye party was awesome, and it was so wonderful that I forgot I was saying goodbye to everyone. All my aunts and uncles (the ones I like, at least) came out, and so did my cousins and childhood friends. When you've grown up with people, it feels really good to just sit back and talk about the past, the present, and the future. We are all about the same age, so it was great to just be in each other's company.

I really am gonna miss everyone, but sometimes I forget that technology can bring us closer. This time around, I'm gonna try to be better at posting blog updates, using my new webcam for video chats, and leaving my Yahoo/Skype phone number so people can call me. I'm also going to try to do some video posts so people don't forget my face. I think the culture shock U-curve should be a lot smoother this time around.

Still have a ton of things to do before I leave, but it's mostly shopping for work clothes and cleaning. Today my play-sister freaked out because I told her I couldn't feel my middle right toe; turns out I might be tightening my boot a bit too much. It's a delicate balance because I need it tight so it won't shift too much on my foot, but too tight cuts off my blood circulation. Since she's a nurse-person, she fussed at me about getting a blood clot on the plane, and told me to be sure to walk around every hour, especially since I have the boot. I'm thinking I might take it off for the plane, since it's cumbersome and not good for sedentary folks. I can walk without it, just slowly, and with a cane. Plus, the doctor says the more I keep it on, the quicker it'll come off. So I try to stick with that. Delicate balance indeed.

Overall, I'm quite satisfied. Some people didn't turn up, but I know folks have busy schedules and things. I'm gonna try to see as many folks as I can before Friday, since that's Pre-Departure Orientation, and I'll be spending all the time after that with my family. Tomorrow's Monday, so that gives me four full days before things start wrapping up on Friday!
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I just got delivery notice of a package from 愛知庁内 (Aichi Chounai). That's the big post office in Nagoya City. I have a tingly feeling is about my JET Placement, but the post office is closed, so I can't pick up the package. I WANNA KNOW DAMMIT!!!

*pins and needles* Hopefully I can get it at 8:30am tomorrow, even though the notice says it'll only be available after 4:30pm tomorrow. Dear God, I wanna know what it is!
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I'm in Aichi-ken, placed at the prefectural level, so apparently where I'll be living and teaching hasn't been determined. But I'm back in Aichi, where Nagoya is. This is good, right? Maybe? Please Jesus, let this be good...
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JET placements will be announced this Thursday at 5pm EST. Yes, I am very much nervous. Please God, let me be on the main island of Honshu, and let me be in a big city with a bus that comes by more than every four hours...


May. 19th, 2008 10:52 pm
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I had to work an extra shift at work because Barbara Walters was giving an interview at my school and as the local tech person, I had to record it. She was fairly interesting, but a bit out of my age range, I think. The auditorium was filled with old white women saying things like, "I remember when you interviewed Nixon..." And since I wasn't alive for Nixon (or Ford, or Carter, though I was alive for the last two years of Reagan). She was there promoting her book Auditioning, and the crowd loved her. She looks pretty good for 79...

JET placements are coming out, it seems. I got an e-mail from the Consulate today saying that I need to remember by five-digit ID number, since she'll be listing placements by number, not by name. One person on the Atlanta JET Forum said she already got her placement. I want mine too, though I'm scared as hell I'll be in the middle of nowhere. Perfect would be near Nagoya or Yokohama. I'm praying to you God, please let me be in a big city...

Right-o, bed time. Technically, since I worked an extra four hours today, I can come in four hours late tomorrow, but I have no care, so I can't take advantage of it. Damn. And thanks to everyone who gave me birthday wishes yesterday! I had a great time hanging out with friends, and I'll always have to remember that my first legal drink was a Mango Tango martini from the Fox Sports Grill. ♥


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