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Hey guys, do you know of good web sites for ESL teaching in Japan? I've got a friend who is looking at Osaka or some other metropolitan town for ESL, but all I know of is GaijinPot and Ohayo Sensei. Any other good ones?
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I'm thinking of offering up my signed copy of Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book for auction at [ profile] help_haiti. I actually purchased it pre-signed, since the line to see him was seven hours long, and I have another copy of it already. Good idea, bad idea? While I may not get another chance to have something signed by him, I didn't really get it done personally anyway, I just bought the signature. Hmmm...

Not that I can figure out [ profile] help_haiti's posting rules anyway. Do you make a new comment? A reply comment? I have no idea.

Not much to do today. I'm hoping to get bitten by the inspiration bug and get everything ready for Sweden, but barring that, I hope to at least get my sale organized. The faster I can do it, the faster I can get the money, and the faster I can send 10% to Haiti. I only wish I could do more.
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Randomly, is anyone on my flist going to Yaoi-con this year?


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