Dec. 28th, 2009

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So I have written this monster called a Statement of Purpose. This might sound a little weird, but would anyone be willing to read over it for me? It's only about 700 words, give or take a few. I've only seen the random statements I found on the internet, and honestly, those samples make me feel a bit overwhelmed. I know I have been out of academia for going on two years now, and sometimes, I really feel it.

That said, I'm looking for good, honest critique. Like, "Hmm, not bad, but this could be better." Or, "This felt boring and generic." I really want to make a good impression and get into the Swedish program, because I feel getting back into the academic fray would be stimulating. Furthermore, to do it on a Master's Degree level would only help me to decide if I want that PhD or not.

So if you're willing to help me out, comment here and I'll PM it to you. I appreciate anyone who can help out. I feel it lacks a certain sense of finesse, but I can't tell where I'm missing it...

Tonight I will attempt, for the third time, to get the family to watch The Princess and the Frog. I feel I shouldn't get my hopes up until I see that Disney castle on the screen, as the TV show Criminal Minds and my family's penchant dropping everything to watch crime shows has thwarted me twice before. But third time's a charm, right?

Tomorrow, I go back to work, but only for two days. The boss is opening up at 10am, and says we're only staying 'til 4pm. That's only $90 in my pocket after taxes (2 days worth of work for $90, wha?), but I'll be glad for it. I have to figure out how to live on $300 until I can find a new job. Well, probably less than that, since I have credit card bills. At least my loan isn't due until January 23rd. Small blessings! I'll make it, come what may. Sure, I might have to stay in my house all the time, but all my friends are working now, so what else do I have to do? Ha, it's kinda like an evil irony, or something...^^;; Still, staying optimistic is my strong point, so stay optimistic I shall!


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