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I'll be saying GOODBYE AMERICA again on July 26th! Thank you JESUS, because I didn't have a job back-up plan!

*too excited to be coherent*
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Congratulations! Now 3 more people left to find out! (XD i think i have like 5 people waititng on JET in total)

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Congratulations!!! You know who I'm going to be tapping for Phoenix Wright doujinshi now. ^_~

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I actually have a pile in my desk drawer all for you. Mostly Miteiya and Amechan乙, but I know you'd like it! Still, you can depend on me for this task!

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Yayyy! Let me know what I owe you when you get a chance. I actually have money in my entertainment budget since month! (Since it's, uh, still only the 3rd...)

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Oh, don't worry about it. I'll just scan it all up so you can have it for free! I know Sonya was thinking about maybe releasing some of it at LP if I could find a *cough* willing translator. ♥

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You'll be in Tokyo, you crazy chick! And unlike you, I have to save my money for real stuff, like college loans and grad school.

I'll come bug you when we stay at that Shinjuku hotel if you're around at the end of July!

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So you and [ profile] naukhel made it in, eh? When does England go over? Let me know where you're placed when you find out!

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Congrats! I'm jealous~! :b

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I'm jealous you get to go to library school, but I keep it in. You'll already have a real job by the time I come back. ;__;

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Yay yay yay!
(It just occurred to me that I never said congratulations, just hugged and kissed you, which was potentially Awkwardtown.)

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You're final-short-listed? Me too. :) Awaiting placement from a contracting organization in Japan~

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We don't get placed 'til May; when do you find out?

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Same as you guys! Actually I'm kinda amazed that we all found out on the same day; especially since JET UK still operates on a paper-only system, no email or website announcements for us. Then after placements it's July/August to fly out, with a 2-day orientation in London at some point in early July I think.

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I might have to get you to buy me some hanjuban. Mine are getting ooold. *plots* XD

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I want....

^_^ Congrats!! Give us all the details when you know them.

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Congrats, babe!

But I really just came by to argue politics with you. Maybe later.

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You can talk politics with me anytime babe. I'm sufficiently calmed to go head-to-head about any issue.

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congrats! *dances*
that's awesome :D
Any clue where you are located yet?

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We don't get placed until May, so I won't know until then. But I do know it won't be in Tokyo! ^^;;

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Congratulations! Big news on this dreary day! *claps on back* (just realized, has no cheery icons to post under)

Here's one less weekend of worrying about it. :D
Be sure to lots of fun and celebrate.

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Congratulations! I hope you'll have LOTS OF FUN! :D

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Grats, Reppu!
You're awesome!

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Let me take you out to Sushi Avenue for celebrations. :3 You're getting sake!

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おめでとう~~~!! Well done you, I heard stories about how hard JET is to get into! That's pure awesomeness \^-^/

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CONGRATS! Wow, not long till you go - bet you're gonna be running around organising stuff like crazy. How exciting! :D :D

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Woohoo! Congratulations!

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Congratulations!!! XDDD

/most original comment ever

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Yay!!!! Congratulations, I am so happy for you! (And for me for having my beloved son back in Japan. XD) I'm sure between me and [ profile] fencer_x we can force you to come to Tokyo at least once a month. Now we'll just have to see where your placement is and hope that it's as close as possible!!!

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YAY! Another person I can come visit in Japan!!! Hahaha!

Seriously, congrats babe!


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browser keeps logging me out *pokes browser menacingly*