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I know a lot of people have heard about the Savoie story lately, the American father who went to Japan and "kidnapped" his own children after his Japanese wife took off with them. Now whether you agree with Savoie or not (I have my own reservations about the man, especially as new details come out), but I think most of us can admit that this is a bad situation all around for those kids, and both parents need to work it out for the betterment of their children's lives.

Recently, a friend of mine named Craig was featured in a CNN news story with the same kind of problem. The Japanese government doesn't allow joint custody and won't enforce differently, even if both parents still retain their original citizenship. I'm a little sad that CNN puts my friend in the same boat as Savoie, since Savoie has some major personality faults, but I guess it's another way to get people to watch without having to do all the background explaining.

Embedded video from CNN Video

My friend also has a website here. All of this makes me so sad, because Craig's a good guy, and he just wants to see his kid. I can't imagine fighting through every available means and still being denied access to your own child. It's totally crazy and really heartbreaking.
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