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America's Next Top Model: Cycle 10 is finally over! I'm really happy about the result (which I won't spoil for anyone who hasn't seen it yet), but man, the girls over at [ profile] topmodel sure are bitchy about who won. I think people should calm down and not let TV rule that much of their lives. It's only a show people. Yeah I love it, and yeah, the person I liked won (though the original person I loved got kicked off), but get a grip.

In other news, went to the OB/GYN. Cut for TMI ) Anyway, I've got no diseases and I'm fit as a fiddle, if a bit overweight. Gotta get that down this summer!

Oh, and it seems that Edwards has given his support to Obama. Technically this should mean that the white working-class will now give their vote to Obama too, but I don't know if that's gonna happen, since...well, they don't have the reputation for being the most racially accepting group in the world (not saying that open-minded people don't exist within this group). But this does make me wonder if Edwards is gonna go for the Vice President ticket again. Obama does need a Southerner on his ballot after all, and if he and Edwards get along, they might have a chance against McCain. I don't think people realize how strong a force McCain is right now. He may be old, but I still fear that man coming to my house and shoving a gun down my throat in the middle of the night, and I think people want that type of security in this time of war. Sure, we want change, but we want safety and reliability too.

Right-o, tomorrow I head back to work over at the college. I have no idea what I'll be doing, so I guess I'll take my GRE book and pick up a book from the library. Looks like this summer will be hard for scanning since it is currently resting (unplugged) on my floor. I've got a ton of books to sell and their covers need to be scanned, but I don't know how I'll get that done. I forgot that no privacy and getting yelled at for making a mess are reasons I don't like returning to my parents' house. Two months and ten days until I'm outta here!


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