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I'm making a spreadsheet of all the books that were in that "lost in transit" package that I may or may not receive from Japan (please Jesus, I don't know if you agree with BL, but I'd totally love that package back. *wibbly eyes*). This list doesn't include anything that I didn't take to Japan, and it's not complete (damn you DMP for having a monster list of BL manga and novels!), but it only excludes DMP. So far I am missing: eight series, 46 individual books, and about $505 in book costs. Not to mention the $100 shipping fee. And DMP is gonna murder me, as I know I owned nearly every novel they released. However, I had to stop making my list when I came to them because I did receive a SAL shipment, and I'm praying that some of my favorite novel titles are in there (I have no idea what I packed where, as that whole moving period feels like a blur).

Still, sadness! ;__; I estimate the total loss to be around $700 when I finish tallying everything. I had no idea I spent that much on manga! It's a crazy thought, made even crazier because this is just the BL manga list. I that if I start making a list of all the regular books, I'll burst into tears. I guess this is a very valuable (as in expensive) lesson; next time I ship ANYTHING, my name and address will be plastered in fifty million places on that box, inside and out. People will talk about the insane girl whose address is posted inside regular $0.44 letters, but at least I know it'll get there!

Plus, my favorite blue sweater was in that package for padding. Double sadness! Jesus help me!
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