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Happy (Official) New Year everyone! It's finally 2010 in America, and once again, being on the East Coast, I'm the first to bring it in. Actually, I kinda missed it (I was chatting with [ profile] houkouonchi) until I heard all the fireworks going off.

I think 2009 was a very weird year. I realized I didn't like my JET job and I wanted to quit, I went to Thailand and got Thai plague, I got some other random disease that rendered me as helpless as a baby, I moved from Japan to America, I was jobless for three months, and I found a cozy little job in a corner office (which I have currently lost). I mean, when I was up, I was UP, but those downs were really low. Still, I can't say it was a bad year. A year of confusion, regrets, and tough decisions yes, but also good friends, great fun, and some much needed thinking time.

For 2010, I hope to find a satisfying job, peace of mind, and inspiration. Good Lord, I need inspiration. I know I'd like to go to Sweden, but I feel no push to even write anything for it. I need a big ol' kick in the pants. I suppose my next credit card bill will do that for me. :D

So here's to the new year! To big changes, big chances, and new prospects. I wish everyone the best!
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