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2010-09-07 07:53 pm

New Journal...this makes journal number 5, I think...

I have a Dreamwidth account. I doubt I will post here, unless I export my LJ posts here. No point in having two blogs talking about the same thing! But if something really does go bad with LJ, at least I have this!
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2010-04-23 05:55 am
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Windows Vista help?

My little sister called me at 3:20am in a panic. She was crying and I honestly thought someone had died (though why she'd call me first, I don't know). Turns out her computer locked her out of her profile and forced her into a temporary one. In typical college student fashion, she has a project due next Monday, and now she can't access her profile. Hence the panic. Goodness, my heart almost stopped!

So yeah, all you Windows Vista savvy folks, anyone know what to do? Basically, there's only one profile, which is her's (the administrator's). Windows won't load her profile, and instead takes her to a temporary one. I looked online for solutions, but it seems the problem lies with folks deleting one of multiple profiles, which screws up the registry. I don't see how my sister's problem is the same, since she only has one profile? Any clues?
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2010-04-12 03:21 pm

Tenimyu help anyone?

Soooo...Tenimyu fans. I'm gonna be doing a sales post soon, and I'm selling some of my old CDs (More than Limit, DL1, blah). Unfortunately, I have no idea what CDs go for these days, and my preliminary research over at [ profile] tenimyu and [ profile] tenipuri_myu hasn't turned up any useful info. Anyone know, because I'm pretty sure the original 2800Y price tag these CDs have won't fly.

Also selling all of my Gackt CDs. All 12 of them. I have a harder time justifying reasons to keep CDs over books; CDs can be burned, and once you have a digital copy, there's hardly any need for the actual CD anymore (when was the last time YOU used a CD player and not your iPod?). Since my eyes are bad and stuff, I try to stay away from reading scans online all day (though with this new Readability thing recommended by [ profile] star_keziah, reading fics online has become SO much easier).

Ah, market research. You confound me to no end. Sometimes, there's no information to be found (how much DOES a Pandora Hearts doujinshi go for anyway?). And sometimes, the fandom's so old that you're lucky to give things away (darn you, Prince of Tennis!). I don't know if this means I'd be a good entrepreneur, or a horrible one. @__@
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2010-02-20 07:12 pm
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Japanese ESL job sites?

Hey guys, do you know of good web sites for ESL teaching in Japan? I've got a friend who is looking at Osaka or some other metropolitan town for ESL, but all I know of is GaijinPot and Ohayo Sensei. Any other good ones?
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2010-02-18 10:24 am
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Trip to Japan for $300, WHAT.

I posted this on my Facebook, but...

Why, oh why don't I have $300?! I could be on a jet plane back to Japan, livin' it up with friends and getting a taste of the life before I commit myself to being a normal American once again. Damn you taxes, for had it not being for you, I would have had these funds and then some!

;__; At times like these, I really wish I had a sugar daddy or something. "Hey baby, send me to Japan for a week, will ya?" Oh, if only my morals were loose!
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2010-02-09 11:31 am
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Game cheating thingamajiggers

Okay, weird question of the day: Has anyone ever owned or used the Action Replay Max or the Gameshark for the PS2? I've got some little cousins who are a product of today's society (as in they don't like to lose and they don't know how to take losing well), and I'm thinking of picking up one for them. It'd be nice if they could just sit and play a video game (or any game, for that matter) without bursting into fits because they died or something. Guh, I have no idea what these kids are gonna do once they hit the real world, but I'll worry about that later.

So, anyone know about these things? I e-mailed the Action Replay folks and they said their disc might not work on older PS2s, and I hear Gameshark is having issues. Any advice would be great, thanks!

Seriously, who breaks into tears about an Uno game? UNO!!
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2010-01-27 06:14 pm
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Writer's Block: Unfriended, Unspecified!

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Yeah, I've had it happen. Usually it's because we don't talk anymore, or because they friended me and I never added them back. I don't think I've ever had an LJ friend with whom I'm in constant contact unfriend me. If that happened, I'd probably send them a PM to ask about it if it was rather sudden.

As for me, I defriend folks who I haven't spoken to, or else I never add people who randomly friend me. I've got a few unlocked posts, so I like it if people at least leave a message and say "Hey, I've friended you, is that cool?" In the past, my journal was unlocked, but I had some crazy drama that was so absolutely pointless that I just locked everything.

I've also defriended people because I wasn't interested in their journal anymore. I strive to be more than just a fandom friend, because I change fandoms every other second (or I leave fandom completely from time to time), and chances are we won't be in the same fandom for more than six months. Thus, all the friends I have are interesting outside of fandom as well. or people I've met in real life. Unless we were really close or spoke often, I don't feel like I owe people an explanation for why I unfriend them. Either I lost interest or we never spoke to each other. Isn't that the same thing that happens with real life relationships? You stop talking to a person and they fade into the background of a past friend.
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2010-01-15 10:12 am
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Good idea, bad idea?

I'm thinking of offering up my signed copy of Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book for auction at [ profile] help_haiti. I actually purchased it pre-signed, since the line to see him was seven hours long, and I have another copy of it already. Good idea, bad idea? While I may not get another chance to have something signed by him, I didn't really get it done personally anyway, I just bought the signature. Hmmm...

Not that I can figure out [ profile] help_haiti's posting rules anyway. Do you make a new comment? A reply comment? I have no idea.

Not much to do today. I'm hoping to get bitten by the inspiration bug and get everything ready for Sweden, but barring that, I hope to at least get my sale organized. The faster I can do it, the faster I can get the money, and the faster I can send 10% to Haiti. I only wish I could do more.
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2010-01-01 12:14 am
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It's officially 2010 in America!

Happy (Official) New Year everyone! It's finally 2010 in America, and once again, being on the East Coast, I'm the first to bring it in. Actually, I kinda missed it (I was chatting with [ profile] houkouonchi) until I heard all the fireworks going off.

I think 2009 was a very weird year. I realized I didn't like my JET job and I wanted to quit, I went to Thailand and got Thai plague, I got some other random disease that rendered me as helpless as a baby, I moved from Japan to America, I was jobless for three months, and I found a cozy little job in a corner office (which I have currently lost). I mean, when I was up, I was UP, but those downs were really low. Still, I can't say it was a bad year. A year of confusion, regrets, and tough decisions yes, but also good friends, great fun, and some much needed thinking time.

For 2010, I hope to find a satisfying job, peace of mind, and inspiration. Good Lord, I need inspiration. I know I'd like to go to Sweden, but I feel no push to even write anything for it. I need a big ol' kick in the pants. I suppose my next credit card bill will do that for me. :D

So here's to the new year! To big changes, big chances, and new prospects. I wish everyone the best!
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2009-12-28 07:54 pm
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Statement of Purpose, can anyone help?

So I have written this monster called a Statement of Purpose. This might sound a little weird, but would anyone be willing to read over it for me? It's only about 700 words, give or take a few. I've only seen the random statements I found on the internet, and honestly, those samples make me feel a bit overwhelmed. I know I have been out of academia for going on two years now, and sometimes, I really feel it.

That said, I'm looking for good, honest critique. Like, "Hmm, not bad, but this could be better." Or, "This felt boring and generic." I really want to make a good impression and get into the Swedish program, because I feel getting back into the academic fray would be stimulating. Furthermore, to do it on a Master's Degree level would only help me to decide if I want that PhD or not.

So if you're willing to help me out, comment here and I'll PM it to you. I appreciate anyone who can help out. I feel it lacks a certain sense of finesse, but I can't tell where I'm missing it...

Tonight I will attempt, for the third time, to get the family to watch The Princess and the Frog. I feel I shouldn't get my hopes up until I see that Disney castle on the screen, as the TV show Criminal Minds and my family's penchant dropping everything to watch crime shows has thwarted me twice before. But third time's a charm, right?

Tomorrow, I go back to work, but only for two days. The boss is opening up at 10am, and says we're only staying 'til 4pm. That's only $90 in my pocket after taxes (2 days worth of work for $90, wha?), but I'll be glad for it. I have to figure out how to live on $300 until I can find a new job. Well, probably less than that, since I have credit card bills. At least my loan isn't due until January 23rd. Small blessings! I'll make it, come what may. Sure, I might have to stay in my house all the time, but all my friends are working now, so what else do I have to do? Ha, it's kinda like an evil irony, or something...^^;; Still, staying optimistic is my strong point, so stay optimistic I shall!
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2009-10-31 04:53 am
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Tales of woe and lost books

I'm making a spreadsheet of all the books that were in that "lost in transit" package that I may or may not receive from Japan (please Jesus, I don't know if you agree with BL, but I'd totally love that package back. *wibbly eyes*). This list doesn't include anything that I didn't take to Japan, and it's not complete (damn you DMP for having a monster list of BL manga and novels!), but it only excludes DMP. So far I am missing: eight series, 46 individual books, and about $505 in book costs. Not to mention the $100 shipping fee. And DMP is gonna murder me, as I know I owned nearly every novel they released. However, I had to stop making my list when I came to them because I did receive a SAL shipment, and I'm praying that some of my favorite novel titles are in there (I have no idea what I packed where, as that whole moving period feels like a blur).

Still, sadness! ;__; I estimate the total loss to be around $700 when I finish tallying everything. I had no idea I spent that much on manga! It's a crazy thought, made even crazier because this is just the BL manga list. I that if I start making a list of all the regular books, I'll burst into tears. I guess this is a very valuable (as in expensive) lesson; next time I ship ANYTHING, my name and address will be plastered in fifty million places on that box, inside and out. People will talk about the insane girl whose address is posted inside regular $0.44 letters, but at least I know it'll get there!

Plus, my favorite blue sweater was in that package for padding. Double sadness! Jesus help me!
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2009-10-13 12:56 pm
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Another American father denied access to his child

I know a lot of people have heard about the Savoie story lately, the American father who went to Japan and "kidnapped" his own children after his Japanese wife took off with them. Now whether you agree with Savoie or not (I have my own reservations about the man, especially as new details come out), but I think most of us can admit that this is a bad situation all around for those kids, and both parents need to work it out for the betterment of their children's lives.

Recently, a friend of mine named Craig was featured in a CNN news story with the same kind of problem. The Japanese government doesn't allow joint custody and won't enforce differently, even if both parents still retain their original citizenship. I'm a little sad that CNN puts my friend in the same boat as Savoie, since Savoie has some major personality faults, but I guess it's another way to get people to watch without having to do all the background explaining.

Embedded video from CNN Video

My friend also has a website here. All of this makes me so sad, because Craig's a good guy, and he just wants to see his kid. I can't imagine fighting through every available means and still being denied access to your own child. It's totally crazy and really heartbreaking.
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2009-10-12 06:01 pm
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Another option

Grad school in Sweden. I am considering this. Anyone have any opinions or experiences here? Looking at Lund University's Asian Studies program or Uppsala's History program. Each program is just one to two years (depending on which Masters degree I choose to get), which is a much more manageable commitment than seven years for a PhD. That's not to say that I don't want to continue my studies with a PhD (I mean, really, what can I do with a Masters in Asian Studies?), but it's free? The programs feel more like enrichment and a taste of what's to come, like an appetizer, rather than the full course of a doctoral program.

But Sweden is cold. Damn man, can I not get away from cold temperatures?
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2009-09-26 06:41 pm
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Anyone with a New York Times subscription?

Does anyone here have a home delivery subscription to the New York Times they are willing to share with me? The NYTimes website requires a subscription in order to access archived articles from 1922-1986, else you have to pay $3.95 per article. Seeing as I don't want to pay for preliminary research, home subscribers get 100 free articles per month. Can anyone help a poor grad school hopeful out?
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2009-09-24 10:59 pm
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Totally not what I was expecting

Project Runway this week: WHUT. No, seriously, I cannot BELIEVE this elimination. I think they totally got it wrong. >:-[
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2009-09-24 08:44 pm
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Y-con 2009?

Randomly, is anyone on my flist going to Yaoi-con this year?
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2009-09-17 09:58 pm
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Another question for the knitters

Hey all you knitting fends! I want to make a baby winter set for the baby I'm looking after now, but I want a pattern this time, as my "just go for it!" attitude made my last hat pretty difficult. Basically, I'd like to make a baby hat, mittens, scarf, and booties if I can. However, I have absolutely NO idea how to do anything with curves in it? I know I can look for myself, but being the novice that I am, I'm never sure if a pattern is really easy or harder than it looks. If anyone has any patterns or videos that they love, I'm all ears.
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2009-07-08 07:22 am

Got a favorite commercial?

Hey guys! I should have asked this earlier, but dumbass me was being emo over my pension book (which I found in a crevice behind the bookshelf, lucky!).

Anyway, I have to do a lesson on TV commercials for my Current English class. So I'm looking for a bunch of commercials with relatively easy/slow English. I'd prefer commercials that have talking, since they are supposed to be listening and doing fill-in-the-blank activities (that, and I've already found two good commercials for the non-speaking role). I'd love it if you could link me to your favorite commercials! I've been out of the loop for a while, so I don't know what's up and funny anymore. @__@ Thanks!

There was a lizard in my house. LIZARD. I didn't want to kill it, but it ran under my shoe as I was trying to shoo it out of the house. RIP stupid lizard, and don't invite your friends back next time. >__>
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2009-06-01 12:10 pm

Random FMA/KH/PW talk

Randomly, next week's episode of Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood will be the Hughes episode. You know, that one. I suppose it'll be just like episode 25 in the last series, but damn, isn't this new series quick? Now Brotherhood ep.10 = FMA ep.25. Were all of those other episodes just fillers? Props to the original writers for that, because I was entertained by those fillers...

Also, the new 逆転検事 (Gyakuten Kenji = Perfect Prosecutor) game...I am again entertained. I don't know if I can make it past the first case without better Japanese skills (OMG lawyer!Japanese is not fun), but I am having fun playing it. The new Logic system will take a bit of time to get used to, especially since you have to connect two things as well. If you see red footprints and then find bloody shoes, you have to connect them. This is an easy example, but I figure it'll get harder as we move up in the cases. I'm still in the investigation stage now, because I can't move on without connecting all the Logic elements. While I understand about 75% of what I read, putting it together in a logic-based game reduces me to about 50% understanding. However, I don't want to play too much, since I'll be buying the game when it's released in English (that's why it's on my R4 card now). Has a release date been set?

I tried to get the new Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 game for my R4 as well, but it won't load past the start screen. Anyone have a version that works? I'm really excited about this game too, and I've already got it pre-ordered for it's English release in September. I know I'm skirting the lines of legality, but I don't want to buy a Japanese game when I know I'll buy the English version later. I mean, the Japanese version will be immediately forgotten once I have the English, so I don't want to pay for two versions. I do this with books, as I see it as practice, but games are a bit more expensive. I might do it for KH 358/2 if I can't find a version that works though. I think the KH franchise is brilliant and playing the games reduces me to a puddle of gooey happy. Also, I didn't know that the Chain of Memories PS2 version had already been released in English. I have it in Japanese (on sale at Book-Off, else I would have waited), but I rather enjoy Haley Joel Osmond for some reason. I don't know if I want to deal with that card system though; foolish idea, that damn card system...

Right, bed. I hate how having a nap throws me off my sleep cycle. Granted, I didn't need to be in bed for four hours, but that bed was sooooo comfortable, and I was soooooo tired.
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2009-05-10 09:54 am

Job-searching woes

So um, I'm having a hard time with this "finding a job" thing. At this point, I'm 55% sure I'll go back home to America, but that's mainly because I can't think of anything else to do. One of the interesting things about applying to JET right out of college is that I don't have much life experience. I know how to find a summer job, but a real job? What, do you look in the classifieds section of the newspaper? Somehow, seems like it would be too easy...

I kinda wonder how all my friends found jobs. Is there like, some magic book you consult? Ask a friend of a friend for something? Seems like that would have worked in better economic times, but these days I figure I'd be hard pressed. For some reason, I think I would kinda enjoy being a secretary. I wanna test my organizational limits and see how much planning I could do before I crack. Or working at a library. That would be a fun venture, organizing books and things.

But what if I stay in Japan? I know people use GaijinPot and OhayoSensei, but they haven't been helpful lately, so I wonder if there's something else? What if I don't want to do ESL teaching? Le gasp, yes, there are foreigners out there who don't want to teach!

I feel like I wanna put a billion options on the table and choose the best one. I jumped at the chance to join JET, and while I don't regret coming back here, I do wish I'd spent a bit more time making contacts back home that I could use now.

So says the worrywart. It doesn't help that I haven't updated my CV since 2004... @__@

Also, today I subsisted until 6pm on a poptart. And half of one at that. This is not unusual for me on the weekends. I'm surprised I'm not dead. I think the only reason I've lost weight in Japan is because my body is eating itself since I don't feed it. Maybe that's why my arms are more flabby? I'd gladly put on weight for more muscle...